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Meet The Team At Citrus Kia

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  • Jason Verkler
    General Manager
    (909) 292-2018

    It is my responsibility to oversee all aspects of our dealership, making sure the customer's needs are always met.  I originally started with Citrus Motors in 1992.  You name it, I have done it: Parts Driver, Wholesale Parts Salesperson, Tire Manager, Assistant Parts Manager, Parts Manager, Body Shop Manager, Parts and Service Director and now General Manager. Not only have I worked at Citrus for over 20 years, my family has purchased over 25 vehicles, all maintained, serviced and repaired (bodywork - ouch!) by Citrus Motors.  I am dedicated to the success of Citrus Motors through the satisfaction and loyalty of our customers.  I am very proud to be a Citrus family member both as an employee and a customer.

  • Brian Boll
    General Sales Manager
    (909) 321-5859

    I have been in Auto Sales for almost 20 years. Most of that time (approx 14 years) has been spent leading and training sales teams. My passion is helping others to grow and reach their potential! My wife was a part of the Citrus Team for 5 years in the late 90s and early 2000s and ever since then I always believed I would enjoy being part of the team as well. The opportunity presented itself in November of 2014 and the rest is history. My goal here as General Sales Manager is to make sure our clients as well as staff feel like part of the family here. We are looking forward to lots of growth both in Sales and Service over the coming years and would love for you to be a part of it in one way or another!!!

  • George Cole
    Sales Manager
    (909) 321-5859

    I started with Kia Motors Corp. in Feb of 2004 in the Hi Desert. I have been with Citrus Motors Kia since March 15th 2010. I am Kia Elite Certified since 2006. What sets Citrus Motors apart is Family! They make you feel like you're part of the family which is passed on to our customers.

  • Darin Fectzo
    Sales Manager
    (909) 321-5859

    Hi, my name is Darin Fectzo and I started with the Kia family in 2015. Being a former teacher/principal I find helping people very rewarding. I enjoy helping someone reach a goal that they have been striving for whether it is a student that was trying to get an A in my class or a first time buyer get their very first car. Having eight kids, family is important and that's how Citrus Motors Kia treats their customers!

  • Dan Cook
    Team Leader
    (909) 321-5859

    My name is Dan Cook, I am a Team Leader here at Citrus Motors Kia. Before the car industry I was in the hospitality industry and construction. I'm an avid rock climber, love playing disc golf, and I'm a huge car enthusiast.

  • Ryan Charters
    Team Leader
    (909) 321-5859

    Hi, My name is Ryan Charters and I am one of the team leaders here at Citrus Kia. I have been with Kia since March 2015. Prior to selling cars I was a police officer in the United States Army. I enjoy working for Citrus Motors because everyone is treated like family, especially our customers! If you are looking for exceptional customer service, be sure to see us first! It's my mission to get you a great deal!

  • Jimmy Barrios
    Lead Product Specialist
    (909) 321-5859

    Hello. My name is Jimmy-James Barrios. I started working for this company in May of 2013. One thing that I love about working here is the people's demeanor. No matter what happens, everyone that I work with always seems to have a smile on their face. That to me means a lot because it shows to our customer base that we are people too and not hungry sharks going after the kill. That being said, the people that I have come to work with mean a lot to me and I don't see us as co-workers, but as friends, I know that we can always rely on one another when the going gets tough.

  • Tyler Mann
    Product Specialist
    (909) 321-5859

    My name is Tyler Mann, I am a Team Leader here at Citrus Motors Kia. I'm a car enthusiast so I really enjoy working with cars all day and helping you pick out the one that is right for you!

  • Antonio Meza
    Product Specialist
    (909) 321-5859

    Hello my name is Antonio Meza, I've been with Citrus Motors Kia since March 2015. I've worked in customer service in several different areas, I feel that helping someone achieve their goal is one of the most rewarding things you can do. It is very satisfying seeing how happy and excited someone is when they have indeed achieved that goal of getting that new car.

  • Tom Larson
    Product Specialist
    (909) 321-5859

    Hi my name is Tom Larson. I've been a Product Specialist at Citrus Motors since July of 2015. I was working in customer service and warehouses before I found my place at Citrus Kia. We're all a family here and want you to be a part of it. Helping people find the perfect car and seeing them drive off with a smile is very satisfying.

  • Mario Chavez
    Product Specialist
    (909) 321-5859

    Hello, my name is Mario Chavez I'm a product specialist here at Citrus Motors Kia. I love my job, getting people in the car of their dreams. When a customer leaves with a big smile it lets me know I did my job right. I've been working here since May 2015 started as a service porter and I had the opportunity to move up to product specialist in November 2015. It has been great!

  • Michael Nardiello
    Lease & Purchasing Agent
    (909) 321-5859

    My name is Michael Nardiello. I have been a Lease & Purchasing Agent with Citrus Motors since July of 2013. I am currently attending junior college for psychology, and I am working towards transferring to a four year university. Customer service is my number one priority here at Citrus Motors. It is my goal that any customer I work with leaves happy, satisfied, and confident in their purchase.

  • Francisco Luna
    Lease & Purchasing Agent
    (909) 321-5859

    Hello, my name is Francisco Luna. I have been part of the Citrus Motors auto group since August of 2012. I started off as a Service Advisor, and worked in that department for a year. I then made the transition to our finance department, and became a Leasing and Purchasing Agent. I am committed to excellent customer service, and I hope I can one day meet you and welcome you into the Citrus Family.

  • Paola (Polly) Gutierrez
    Lease & Purchasing Agent
    (909) 321-5859

    My name is Paola Gutierrez. I've been working for Citrus Motors for over 2 years as a Lease and Purchase Agent. I am currently a student working on my Bachelor's degree in Human Services. I enjoy conversing with customers and also assisting them with their purchase.

  • Jake Narasky
    Service Advisor
    (855) 451-6723

    My name is Jake Narasky and I have been a part of Citrus Motors since 2013. I started as a lot attendant and eventually was moved up to service greeter at Citrus Ford.  After about six months of training I was transferred to Kia as a service advisor and have been loving it ever since!  Prior to Citrus Motors I was attending the University of La Verne in pursuit of an Anthropology degree.